About the book

AI is everywhere, and so is hype around AI. That's why we wrote a book on AI snake oil—to dispel hype, remove misconceptions, and clarify the limits of AI. 

Our book is available to preorder, and will be released in September. If you enjoy our newsletter and would like to support our work, please preorder via Amazon, Bookshop, or your favorite bookseller.

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About the Substack

While the book is about the foundational knowledge needed to separate real advances from hype, our substack can help you stay up to date with the tech, the latest advances, and the hype.

If you want to better understand the capabilities and limits of AI, if you are skeptical of the hype surrounding AI, if you are looking to avoid getting duped by snake oil, then this substack is for you.

The best place to start is our introductory blog post. We have also written about AI policy, language model evaluations, reproducibility, transparency, AI existential risks, AI and disinformation, and much more.

All of the content on this substack is, and will be, publicly available. There is no paid subscription.

Thank you for joining us — we are excited to see where this takes us!

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What Artificial Intelligence Can Do, What It Can’t, and How to Tell the Difference