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Sep 9, 2022Liked by Sayash Kapoor, Arvind Narayanan

I really appreciate this post--I'm a writer who has used what were probably not the most "accurate" images when writing about AI, so noted. I'll be more thoughtful about the images I choose next time. However, it's very hard to represent something visually that doesn't actually exist in the material world (like an algorithm). So if we're writing about algorithms, we rely on metaphors to show what can't be shown. I'm not sure how to avoid that and still have an image with a clear thru line to the text.

Also, as a former print magazine editor, I had to laugh that "generating cover images for news articles" is an actual thing text-to-image generators are being developed for. It's like developing new keys for the typewriter. That's not what those generators will be most used for.

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